Open Stage @ AC

No dates open for submission for the moment.

Next Open Stage dates

    • 2017 June 30th Friday @ 21:00 (submission closed)

What’s Open Stage?

You make it happen! We open the stage for artistic experiments with amateur or professional artists in all the variety of performing and visual arts like music, literature, dance, theater, photography, movies, interactive media …

Performance units are limited to 20 minutes. The stage masters Nathalie Morettoni and Christian Ries take care of the progress of the evening. Christian and some friends will open and close the Open Stage evenings. Open stage is a new experimental concept replacing the former jam sessions at Ancien Cinéma.

Artists : Wanna join?

Inscription: You want to perform on our Open Stage? Please submit your idea, which will allow us to prepare the evening. It is also possible to join Open Stage evenings directly. In that case the stage masters will inform you about remaining time gaps. Be aware that our Open Stage evenings are mostly fully booked.

Cancellation: If you inscribed and cannot come, please cancel at least 2 days before the open stage event using our contact form.

Public : Wanna join?

You want to attend our Open Stage evenings? Just show up. At Ancien Cinéma the entrance is free! At Sang a Klang the entrance fee is 5 € (we rent the room, you may consider it as a “rent party“)

What should artists bring?

On stage we provide an upright piano, a drum set, a cajón drum box, a mixing console with 4 microphones. A beamer and a DVD player are available for movie or photo projections. Apart from the piano and the drum set, each musician must bring his/her own instrument. Drummers should bring their own cymbals.